CHK is a new player on LED Lighting market.

We started since 2004 as a supplier of logistical means and material handling equipment, and have become today a key provider on Benelux market. It is time for us to go beyond our territory for new challenges. With a recent acquisition in China, we have obtained an ability to produce high quality LED lamps of various type. This team has been working for 25 years on American market and 14 years of them are exclusively for LED.

The key of success in American is constant renovation and adaptation to the need of the market, which will be copied to Dutch/European market.

Dhr. Paul Peng / Mw. Judy Gonzalez

Puntweg 11
3208LD Spijkenisse (Nederland)
T. +31 (0)10 462 65 88
F. +31 (0)10 262 47 68
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